• Troy Crossley posted an update 1 month ago

    It is cold and windy in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.
    I sit at my 18 year-old computer (ahhh, Windows XP) after a long day of music-making; a total of 8 hours today spent recording between two studios, with several more hours devoted to rehearsing, organizing my songbook, and of course lots of driving. The blisters on the fingers of my right hand are about to burst.
    I wanted to try to post some stuff in the recipe section of this site (frankly i’m surprised my ancient operating system can even load it, or any other site for that matter. Google Chrome stopped allowing me updates years ago), but just picking a profile picture and then writing this has proven too exhausting. So instead I will have a beer.
    …. Shit. I guess I should also probably do my taxes…
    Eh. I’ll do it tomorrow.

    Or maybe the next day.

    • man, I didn’t even know you had visited. You need a new computer.. yeah, thats it. If you had a new computer I would have known you were here. Get them taxes paid and check out the lyrics for the first song in the storay.. You’ll find it in the Kingdom of Aveena section.

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